Fairy Jewels 2

Fairy Jewels 2

Free the Fairies shooting jewels at Fairy Jewels 2

Fairy Jewels 2 is a puzzle game where the objective is to free all the fairies that will be caged in bubbles at each different stage. At the main screen you will find a high scores section and an options section that will allow you to configure the music and sound volume as well as the screen in full view or windows view.
During the game you will be shooting colored jewels in order to free the fairies. In order to destroy the blocks of jewels you have to shoot jewels with the same color as the block you want to destroy, until all you find in the screen are the fairies and the bubbles that holds them; this way, the last thing you have to do at each stage is to shoot at the bubbles, also using a jewel with the same color as the bubble, if not, a block of jewels with the wrong color will surround the bubble once again.
Fairy Jewels 2 is a very easy puzzle game, so it´s recommended for little children.
All you need in order to play Fairy Jewels is your mouse to move the gun, the left button to shoot and the right button to change the color of the jewels in your gun.

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  • The game has many different levels


  • The story of the game is very simple
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